IVF Preparation

Caroline was a tremendous support over the course of just a few sessions. I had specific needs regarding fertility and PCOS and wanted to make sure the diet I was on would support and prepare my body prior to IVF and afterwards. After 5 years of trying we are now half way through our first pregnancy. Caroline's advice about nutrition and supplements was a big part of our success.

— Sarah, 38, Hertfordshire

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Fertility Problems

I've suffered with PCOS for many years and had lost hope of symptoms improving after trying several supplements and diets with no success. I decided to give it one more try and was extremely lucky to find Caroline. She is very understanding, calm and she explains everything to you in a way that makes it easy to understand. When I started the program with her I was a little nervous about the life changes I had to make, I didn't need to because she has made the change so easy and comfortable. I'm happy to say I'm delighted to continue with all the changes she suggested for the rest of my life. Her recipes are delicious which is a plus.

The positive consequences have been numerous. After a few weeks I felt healthier than ever (mentally and physically), I lost weight and the PCOS symptoms diminished a lot. What's more, a few months later, my blood tests revealed my hormones were within normal range, something my doctor was surprised to see.

What's even more amazing is that at the moment I'm near 23 weeks pregnant, and I have no doubt Caroline's program has made it possible. She was also great at guiding me through the best nutrition throughout the pregnancy and I definitely intend to keep getting her help through breast feeding and weaning times.

I have found her help really valuable, and I have realised nutrition and what you put into your body is really important and has a bigger effect on you than what I previously thought, whether is big or small changes, the benefits of having such a good professional guiding you are immense.

I cannot say enough positive things about Caroline, she is an extremely knowledgeable professional, a very approachable person and her personalised program has given me uncountable benefits. I would recommend her highly.

— Kathy, 31, Dublin

Female Fertility

I first saw Caroline following 2 sinus operations in 2012. Caroline was able to give me a diet to follow to help get me back to full health. Not only did we cover sinus symptoms but we also touched on anxiety and fertility and my plan included helpful suggestions to try to combat all 3 things. I'm pleased to say I am now 6 months pregnant so can definitely vouch for Carolines advice!

— Susan, 39, Hertfordshire

Male Fertility

Working with Caroline is a real pleasure. Her advice is very thoughtful; simple and enjoyable to adopt. Her passion for nutrition is clearly evident and her knowledge on a wide range of subjects helps her bring suggestions for changes to behaviour and diet. And best of all, the fact that she seems to read more research papers than my GP and my BUPA consultant combined after I mentioned issues I am having, gives me great comfort and confidence in her recommendations.

— Tom, 42, London