Female Health


After sometime considering whether my diet was affecting my general wellbeing, PMT, sleep patterns and moods I finally decided to see a nutritionist. I found Caroline's details through an internet search and, having met Caroline and implemented some changes to my diet and the way that I eat, I only wish I had done it sooner. I feel lighter, I have more energy and those deep emotional downs that I was experiencing every month have definitely improved. Caroline is easy to talk to and professional in her approach. With her help I feel that I have more control over the way I eat and the choices I have about what I put into my body and how that affects me. Plus her 80:20 approach to healthy eating allows me to indulge in a treat on a regular basis!

— Maria, 43, London

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

I’ve been suffering with weight gain, skin problems and facial hair for years. I had a few tests done recently and discovered that I have PCOS. I researched this on the internet and read that diet can help to reduce the symptoms. I was recommended Caroline by a friend at work and am so pleased I went to see her.

Caroline has a really approachable manner. She is so easy to open up to and is really patient and understanding. She was able to uncover so much about my diet which was making my symptoms worse. What I really liked is that she didn’t just tell me to stop doing everything I did. She took account of the fact I lead a busy lifestyle and have very little time. She gave me an action plan and advised me on how to incorporate this plan into my life. She gave me a shopping list and lots of meal ideas which could be prepared in less than ten minutes! I found it all really achievable and was amazed at how I felt within two to three weeks.

I am so grateful to Caroline for everything she has done for me.

— Gina, 33, Dublin

Breast Cancer

Last year I received treatment for breast cancer. Even though my diet was quite good, I consulted Caroline for good nutritional support. As you can imagine, going through chemotherapy and radiation takes its toll on the body. Caroline looked very carefully at my diet and helped me to make some very valuable, easy changes, and to add important nutrients that gave me the strength to get through. I found her approach down to earth, respectful, and professional. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

— Susan, 56, Dublin


Caroline provided clear, balanced, helpful advice tailored to my needs, arranged for the tests I needed and followed this up with sensible written recommendations. Her clarity and willingness to respond to queries is much appreciated.

— Lucy, 63, London