Digestive Health

Ulcerative Colitis

I have had problems with my digestive system for 4 months and was diagnosed with the onset of ulcerative colitis and put on medication. I decided to see a nutritionist and found Caroline's details online. Five weeks ago I completely changed my diet based on the recommendations given to me by Caroline and have since come off the medication with no further symptoms. I have a lot more energy and have also lost weight through the process which is an added bonus.

— Diane, 38, Hertfordshire

Bloating and Constipation

Having struggled with digestive problems for the past months, I met up with Caroline to understand what could be wrong but also get validation on my thoughts and research concerning my own nutrition. I finally met someone that didn't offer the same prescriptive solution that other nutritionists seem to do, but instead met someone who listened and had a discussion with me about what could work for my lifestyle. It was great to know that I could also just drop her a quick line if I had a question and she'd respond quite quickly, so it felt as if I was chatting with any old friend but one with more expertise. Having made the changes she recommended, the impact was instant and I have never felt as light and in control of my eating. The only problem I have now is that all my new trousers seem to be getting too big!

— Tessa, 31, London

Heartburn and Indigestion

Before visiting Caroline I was feeling helpless. I had had digestive problems for about two years and none of the doctors I saw had been able to help me. I’d tried a number of supplements and excluded most types of food from my diet, what made me feel even weaker and constantly tired. During the first appointment Caroline made me feel very comfortable and well looked after. She asked many questions and narrowed down the number of possible diagnoses. After I had some tests done we found out what the problem was and Caroline prepared a recovery plan for me. Without her help I would still be suffering! I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am. Not only is she extremely professional, with thorough knowledge of the subject but also very warm and welcoming person. Would definitely recommend!

— Jessica, 23, London

Constipation, Bloating And Heartburn

I suffered from constipation, bloating and heartburn for several years and was constantly frustrated by medical doctors only interested in subduing the symptoms with potentially life-long medication, which, I might add, were not all that effective and of course had side effects.

I came to Caroline with fairly low expectations as I'd tried various diets and food elimination plans myself but without much success. I had a couple of Skype consultations with Caroline where we went over my dietary habits in detail and she prepared a regimen based on this.

She also recommended some lab tests which showed some imbalances in my gut flora and recommended a supplement program to treat these. I am very happy to say that my bowel movements are now regular, bloating gone and, the big one for me, heartburn seems to have largely disappeared. I can highly recommend Caroline for anyone with digestive issues. She is professional, knowledgable, and I think most importantly, offers potential treatment of the root cause of many digestive problems. Finally I would add that I'm a UK citizen living overseas and the consultations on Skype were very easy to fit into my schedule and the distance made no impact on the consultation and treatment.

— Steven, 41, Tokyo

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

My consultations with Caroline were thoroughly professional and informative. I was assessed as a whole rather than just on the symptoms I experienced. Following her recommendation, I adapted my diet and as a result some of my symptoms that I had lived with for a good few years have improved. My energy level is better than before. The results were obvious within a week. Definitely a positive impact on my overall wellbeing.

— Susan, 29, Hertfordshire

IBS With Cramping and Diarrhoea

Before booking a consultation with Caroline at Essential Nutrition, I had been suffering with IBS for around 6 years, specifically diarrhoea and stomach cramping which had become a serious issue in my everyday life. Having just graduated and started a new job in London, I decided that action had to be taken.

I found the consultation very relaxed and professional, with Caroline going through my symptoms and medical history to try and pinpoint what she thought was aggravating my IBS. She came up with a tailor made gluten and dairy free meal plan for me, including snacks and even dishes that would help with my cramping. I noticed the results very quickly, with my symptoms becoming more manageable as I adapted to the diet. Instead of cutting out many foods that I enjoyed, they were replaced with healthy, obtainable and most importantly tasty alternatives.

I can whole heartedly recommend Caroline and the service she provides to anyone suffering from IBS. It has without a doubt changed my life and the way that I look at food, opening a world to me that I used to think was closed!

— Larry, 24, Hertfordshire

Dairy Intolerance

Caroline is very a personable, professional and knowledgeable nutritionist. After just two consultations Caroline's diagnosis was invaluable. I have discovered I have an intolerance to some dairy and after a previous diagnosis of candida and following a very restrictive diet Caroline referred me to some lab tests and actually discovered I had an imbalance of bacteria in my gut and has been very thorough in appropiate action to take. I have followed Caroline's advice and made changes to my diet and already have had an immediate relief to my stomach discomforts and my digestion has improved considerably. I am very pleased with the service I have received and now have a personalized meal plan and dietary advice customized to my needs and my busy lifestyle.

— Zita, 38, London