Children's Health


I contacted Caroline when my daughter was five months old so we could discuss what foods I should introduce to her when I started the weaning process. I wanted Alice to be brought up on a balanced, nutritious diet that would optimise her long-term health prospects and also ensure she had a healthy relationship with food. Cancer is a problem in my family so I wanted Alice exposed to foods that may help to minimise any health risks (and likewise avoid foods that are not so good for us). I am a vegetarian but felt that my daughter should be allowed to make her own choices so needed further advice on animal protein.

Caroline looked into my health, diet and lifestyle - I am breastfeeding so she felt it was very important to check that I was healthy and also what nutrients my daughter was consuming. Caroline went to great lengths to find out exactly what I wanted for Alice and I really feel like she could read my mind, so to speak, in that she could ascertain what I wanted even though I couldn't put it into words. Caroline devised a brilliant programme for my daughter - looking at weaning (at all stages), recipe ideas, sample menus and food suggestions that Alice should eat. She explained why these nutrients were important and how often Alice should be eating different foods. I really feel confident that Alice will be exposed to a healthy diet and that I am now equipped to provide this for her.

In regards to my own health, Caroline also suggested what I should be eating (especially food combinations), how frequently I should consume these foods, advised supplements and further recipe plans. I had been slightly depressed and anxious since I was pregnant and had trouble sleeping and poor concentration. I now feel like I have more energy, a greater attention span and that my anxiety and depression are lessening everyday. As an added bonus, I am slowly losing weight which I had told Caroline was something I wanted to achieve. The snack ideas have been so helpful and I feel much healthier.

I cannot thank Caroline enough and am so happy I contacted her. She has given me confidence and has always been so approachable, professional and helpful. Most of all, I believe my daughter has been offered such a good start in life which is of utmost importance to me and my family. A big thank-you from my daughter and myself!

— Lucy, 31, Dublin